I’m an Artist Career Consultant for Springboard for the Arts consulting with individual artists with a focus on artists with disabilities. There are about thirty of us on the Artist Career Consultant roster.

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I’m available to discuss career and creativity strategies for artists with disabilities, and also have expertise in public relations, literature, and performance topics in addition to grant and fellowship application preparation. Due to COVID-19 all consultations are currently via phone or video chat. Book a consultation here.

Outcome of a Consult

“Hey Alison, I hope you’re doing alright these days. It’s been a long time since we met at the Loft’s coffee shop - here’s just a little update on how the project has progressed and how you helped that along. Here’s the website for Recreation Arts. One thing you mentioned during our talk was that you weren’t sure that non-artists would get “why” we’re doing art in this way. That’s something I’ve really tried to clarify in all our messaging now. You also said that we should charge a fee for the pilot. Earlier in 2020, we had a 12-week pilot set up with *** that they were paying us $ for. But the pilot was set to start in early April - so clearly that didn’t happen. We’re now exploring virtual options to still do that pilot… The consultation with you was helpful beyond these ways, too - in the energy and drive you injected into the process by hearing where we were at and helping us think about to move forward. Many, many thanks. -ryan” - Ryan Evans, Recreation Arts