Alison Bergblom Johnson, Artist
A photograph of Alison Bergblom Johnson, a white woman with short, asymmetrical blonde hair wearing a shiny, pink shirt in front of a light tan background.

Contact me if you want to talk about

  • an editing or curatorial or consulting project.
  • if you have thoughts or questions about my work.
  • you're a fellow artist, especially if you are an artist with a disability, and want to collaborate or work on a project or even just say hi.
  • or something else.

Email ( is the best way to reach me. If you prefer the phone, you may leave me a message at (651) 356-8230.

For additional info on my contact preferences, please do check out my Hello page.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want to hire you as a teaching artist to work with people with disabilities or older adults or another group. What's the next step?
  • I have burning questions about how to make a life in the arts. Will you answer them?
    • Yes. If you're looking for artist career advice, that's a great time to set up a consult with me through Springboard for the Arts. That way I can give full attention to you. Consults are free or low-cost for Minnesotans. I have particular expertise around artists with disabilities, around press and public relations, and writing grants and proposals. I'm happy to review any short drafts or press releases as part of a consult. If you want to set up a consult this consult request form is the best place to start.