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if you want to talk about

  • an editing or curatorial or consulting project.
  • if you have thoughts or questions about my work.
  • you’re a fellow artist, especially if you are an artist with a disability, and want to collaborate or work on a project or even just say hi.
  • or something else.

Email ( is the best way to reach me.

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Photograph of Alison Bergblom Johnson, a blonde, plus-size woman in front of the Minneapolis skyline

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to hire you as a teaching artist to work with people with disabilities or older adults or another group. What’s the next step?

Check out my COMPAS profile for more information and to contact COMPAS to book a residency.

I have burning questions about how to make a life in the arts. Will you answer them?

Yes. If you’re looking for artist career advice, that’s a great time to set up a consult with me through Springboard for the Arts. That way I can give full attention to you. I have particular expertise around artists with disabilities, around press and public relations, and writing grants and proposals. I’m happy to review any short drafts or press releases as part of a consult. If you want to set up a consult this consult request form is the best place to start.

I would like you to speak or read your work or perform at my (likely digital) event? Interested?

Let’s talk more. Please send an email (

Do you consult on topics that come up frequently in your work such as sexual assault, eating disorders, sexuality, or disability?

Let’s definitely talk. Please send an email ( describing what you’re thinking even if it’s preliminary.

Will you write a press release for me?

Yes. Please send an email ( if you’d like to discuss a project and for my rates.

I want to buy a piece of art. What’s your process?

Please send me an email to get the ball rolling, or click over to my online store through Nemaa. Individual works have information about availability.

A Note

I typically respond within a day or two, but frequently more quickly. Feel free to nudge me if you don’t hear back, but please be aware I often don’t respond to spam messages or cold requests for products or services for sale.

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