Alison Bergblom Johnson, Artist
A photograph of Alison Bergblom Johnson, a white woman with short, asymmetrical blonde hair wearing a shiny, pink shirt in front of a light tan background.

Projects on the Craigslist Personals


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When I arranged my first hookup using the personals section of Craigslist way back in 2009 when I was 28 I had no idea sex with strangers would become a years-long obsession - both as a habit and topic for storytelling. I didn’t know then that I been diagnosed with bipolar disorder or that I was experiencing mania. I had no idea that one of the symptoms of mania was hypersexuality. For me, mania was a glittery high where I felt so beautiful, so competent, and so invincible.

This audio has only been available as part of installations at in person events and live performances. It has never been available on the open internet. Your subscription gets you access to this audio, to considerations of the Craigslist personals as a cultural and social phenomenon, and to what it has been like presenting work that some view as controversial. This is a space for those who have insider experience, and for those who are curious about that world.

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