Alison Bergblom Johnson, Artist
A photograph of Alison Bergblom Johnson, a white woman with short, asymmetrical blonde hair wearing a shiny, pink shirt in front of a light tan background.


Here are some ways to hire me! If you have an idea for a partnership that's beyond the scope of the options below, but you think might be a fit, feel free to reach out.

Artist Career Consultations

Through Springboard for the Arts, I meet with artists to talk about a variety of career topics: from gaining press attention, to navigating accommodations for self and others as an artist with a disability, to grant writing. For more information, see my full artist career consultant bio, and view the FAQ. Minnesota artists are typically able to access at least one consult free. If you'd prefer to schedule a consult by phone, please call Zaraawar Mistry (or "Z"). He can be reached at 651-789-2282.

“I can help artists dream big and then attend to the details (event planning, proposal and application writing, marketing and promotion, creating partnerships) that make such dreams feasible. As an artist with disabilities whose work and arts organizing often centers people with disabilities I’m equipped to help other artists navigate access and accommodation needs in addition to career planning.” - Alison Bergblom Johnson

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See the dedicated class page for more on art and business skills for artists classes I teach.


I've spoken to non-profit employees on ableism and to a wide range of audiences on communicating one's own mental health experiences. Presenting these topics in ways that empower, acknowledge pain, and create space for [positive] futures is really important to me. I am available to speak to employee resource groups, to people experiencing the mental health system, to healthcare workers and to policymakers and others interested in these topics. Please reach out via email with details if you're interested in booking.


For writers interested in editorial assistance with literary essays I'm offering consults. See more details at my booking link. Please note you'll need to share your manuscript at least two weeks before our scheduled phone conference.

Sensitivity Reads

I'm available for sensitivity reads, particularly for mental health concerns, migraine and invisible disability. Please reach out for rates and turn around time.


I'm available to help you build a research plan for a writing project, to review an existing research plan, and to do direct research related to Minnesota-based state institutions, such as patients who may have spent time in St. Peter State Hospital or Rochester State Hospital. All research services begin with a brief paid consult booking where we would review your current plan, and I'd gather information to develop any recommendations, which I would present in the next few days after our meeting. Book a Research Consult Here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the answers on my frequently asked questions page are relevant to services.